You Develop a Desire to Explore

When you get a taste of travel, you want more. Last year, I had the experience of First Class seats on international flights, and it was incredible. I also got to tour in a lot of the countries I visited and learned a lot. It’s led to a desire to see as much of the world as possible. Travel does that to you.

Traveling today doesn’t have nearly the cost it used to. There is also a whole new wave of travel hackers that can teach you how to travel cost-effectively. You can see more of the world and soak in new experiences that you’ll take with you for the rest of your life.

The world is big. There’s a lot to do and see. It can give you some invaluable life lessons. If you have the opportunity to travel, pack your bag and get ready to explore. See the world through another perspective and use the experience to grow as a person.

How you grow as a person?

1- Out of your comfort zone

Your comfort zone is where you do not have to make efforts. Please agree that to arrange a trip, you need to search, compare, book, communicate, plan and make a lot of effort. When you start fearing, this is when you go in the right direction – fear and discomfort are indicators of growth, of expanding your comfort zone. When your comfort zone expands, you start feeling comfortable in more places and situations, and your mind expands too.

Facing your fear helps you grow.

2- Perspectives and point of view

Have you ever eaten salty pig fat? If you visit Ukraine, you may think this is the best dish ever. Have you ever eaten corn and beans for dessert? This is what they eat in China. Have you ever dressed in a skirt as a man? In Burma, it’s a national costume, and all men in the streets wear a skirt.

It does not matter if you pick up the new perspective or not, but you learn to notice it, and appreciate it. Sometimes lessons from another culture help change your life – I learned from Thai people how to be ‘Sabai’ – not to worry about anything and just chill out.

Learning new perspectives allow you to grow.

3- New skills and habits

I love traveling so much that I decided to make it my lifestyle. I managed to give away most of my things and live out of the backpack. This is my shower and makeup kit, only the things I need and very well packed. This is how traveling can discipline you!

You can learn how to ride a bicycle instead of using public transport in Beijing because it is the easiest way to get around. One can study yoga in India because this country is breathing yoga. You can learn free-diving in Koh Tao, the conditions for it are the best there. It is very often that places where we go create the best environment for learning a new skill.

With new skills and habits, you grow.

4- Understanding yourself – understanding others

Sometimes you come to a new country and freak out because things are done differently. In Thailand, everyone is smiling at you and does not show their emotions. Being polite is a top priority, emotional intelligence is not trendy there. In Vietnam, people are so open and sincere that it sometimes feels rude. One of my Vietnamese friends once told me – ‘You got a bit fat and your skin is so dark’ (which was her disapproving that I went suntanning). She was very sweet and I did not get offended, but she expressed it so honestly that it may feel inappropriate in other cultures.

Seeing both perspectives helped me put myself in the shoes of a person from another culture, and I could easier understand both cultures.

When you understand, you grow.

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