What Are Twin Flames ?

There has been lots of buzz around twin flames since 2012 which is kinda just like the twin flame golden era. 2012 was the year of ascension and a turning point for twin flame love for several levels, the ascension in my opinion is another new age word for the shift that happened on Earth which cleared the control energy on our planet, which also blocked the dual flame love.

Although twin flame is described differently by many experts, there’s one thing most agree on is that twin flame is defined as two people that have close on earth, vibrating at the identical frequency as polarized counterparts of the identical soul.

To sum this up, your twin flame is your one and only true soulmate. they’re not your karmic soulmate, which is someone you solve karmic lessons and past life karmas.

What are The Signs of Twin Flames ?
what are twin flamesNow you maybe wondering what are the signs of dual flames…. Throughout your life you would possibly have had very unusual powerful dreams or visions of a mystical person.

You get this sense of familiarity and also the energy of this person feels very familiar, its such as you know this person otherwise you have met this person in your past, or the sensationyou’revisiting meet this person within the future.
Some how you have got some vague feeling that this person is real, although you can’t see their face or try and imagine how they mayappear as if in your mind. you are doing get the sensation that this person is out there somewhere and that they know who you’re on the identical level.

Twin Flame Synchronicity

There is always a twin flame synchronicity or an incidentwhich can surround the initial meeting of dual flames.

Most often you have gota sense or knowing but you’ll be able to never quite put into words. Most twin flames encounter one another for the primary time in unusual ways, either nose to nose or online.

Your twin flame will inherit your life in unexpected ways, there’ll be many synchronicities and lots of strange occurrences and energy shifts within the first week of meeting them.

When twin flames meet they’re physically at a distance, board different countries. there’s a energy that stops twin flames from being physically together within the beginning.

There is rather more energy work required on the mental and emotional level before the physical meeting.twin flame test

Have You Met Your Twin Flame ? The dual Flame Test
Where ever psychologically and emotionally you maybe in your life, i feel its good to be tuned in to the people you reside with and meet.

The following twin flame test wouldfacilitate your open new paths and opportunities for union along with your twin flame.

Twin flame Test

1. You are feeling odd sense of recognition meeting this person, like reminder, like knowing this person before and you’re somehow meant to be together.

2. You have gota sense that they’re going play a giant role in your own progress, but why… you have no idea when and in what way.

3. You have got immediate and really intense reference to them.

4. You have finally found a home or a secure place along with your twin flame.

5. You’re ready to be yourself without the fear of rejection or judgment.

6. You’re both just like the ying and yang, your dark side is balanced by their light side, their dark side is balanced by your light side.

7. You have got a sense of expansion after you are with them, you are feeling you’re larger than your limited character.

8. You both make each other much better persons.

9. Although you’re in a relationship along with your twin flame and you’re both bound but at same time you’re free, you’re attached but at same time unattached. You both maintain your freedom.

10. They’re finally tuned to your energy and you’re finely tuned to theirs. You’re both tuned in to the play of energy, so after you are sad, angry or happy.. they’re going to feel it mor eover. As twin flames you’re both empathic to every other.

11. You have been expecting this person your entire life.

12. You both are connected deeply and mirror of each other, whether its value or aspiration forever.

13. Whether or not you are attempting to avoid or leave your twin flame, you’re always attracted back to them.

14. One in all you is more mature than the opposite, either acting like the teacher or counselor  of the relationship.

15. You’re educated within the important life lessons like, forgiveness, empathy, gratitude and being open minded.

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