what is love

Love is cool, is great, is amazing, sometimes it’s even breathtaking. It’s the reason why we live! It’s what keeps us alive. But, how can we illustrate it so we can understand it better?

Love is a feeling; No, it isn’t! Love is a thought; No, it isn’t! So, what is love?

“Love is a Plant” Theory – Part I

Maybe we can illustrate love as some kind of plant whose roots lie deep in our hearts. The leaves of this plant are the thoughts and its flowers are the feelings.

Everything we love or like has its own plant inside out hearts. This plant may be beautiful, when we love someone or something. However, it can also be ugly, when we hate someone or something.

β€œLove is like a precious plant.”

– John Lennon
( Source: goodreads.com )

Let’s dig a little deeper in our little theory here…

The Structure of the Plant

1. The Roots

Let’s start with the roots of love. They sleep inside the heart. They can be long or short, thick or thin, strong or weak – depending on our love for someone or something.

When the love is old the roots should be long. If the love is strong the roots should be strong as well. As long as the love is stable the roots should be thick. And if we water our love daily the roots will definitely be in their best shape.

2. The Leaves

As we describe the roots from bottom to top, we slowly reach the stem, and then we go upwards until we reach the branches, and finally end up describing the leaves.

The way from the roots to the branches is the road that our thoughts permeate. Thoughts are born in the roots, they grow in the stem, and come out the branches in form of leaves. So, leaves are the thoughts.

3. The Flowers

Sometimes thoughts, instead of showing up as leaves, they take the shape of a flower. That is a feeling, a flower is a feeling. It can be positive (a fresh flower) like hope and contentment or it can be a negative feeling (rotten flower) that may be described as hate, anxiousness, insecurity, jealousy, etc.

We should always keep in mind that not every plant has flowers, they may not even have leaves. But plants always have roots, because the lack of roots would make it impossible for love to stay in the heart.

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