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“Love is a Plant” Theory – Part II

In the first part of the theory we tried to illustrate love by coming up with the “Love is a Plant” theory. We explained the structure of love by putting it side by side with the structure of a plant. Now that we know that the plant is there, let’s talk about growing that plant and keeping it healthy. We never want hatred (rotten plants) to conquer our heart, so we have to do something about it. First of all we should know that love won’t grow without watering it. Love needs feeding as well.

β€œLove is like a precious plant. You can’t just accept it and leave it in the cupboard or just think it’s going to get on by itself. You’ve got to keep on watering it. You’ve got to really look after it and nurture it.”

– John Lennon
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Love needs feeding

So, we have to take care of love. Love needs feeding, like every plant takes nutrients from the soil, love takes care and affection from the environment, from other people. Some plants need a lot of nutrients, especially seedlings (young plants). They are very delicate. The same is true with love in its early stages, it needs a lot of care to grow up healthy and strong.

There are some other spiky plants like cactus that need nearly no water and can survive in harsh conditions. An example of this kind of love is the love of the mother to her child. Even when the child doesn’t show the same love and affection to the mother, the mother will always love her kid.

Love needs watering

Like every other plant out there, the love plant needs watering as well. Every living thinks needs water. We humans need it, about 70% of our organism is composed of water.

How do we explain watering of love? What is it? The food of love was care, as we stated above, whereas the water needed by love is the time we spend thinking about something or someone. Love is also watered when we spend time with someone or something.

Most of the time we water love unconsciously, without even knowing we are watering the love for something or someone in our heart. And all of a sudden we see that the love for a specific person or a specific thing has increased inside our heart. Why though? It’s because we think about it, we keep watering it.

If you don’t think about love, sooner or later you’ll forget it. The roots of the love plant in the heart will start to weaken and the plant starts to rotten. The memories may stay there forever, but the plant may simply die and never grow again!

That’s why we need to be very careful about what we spend our time thinking about. Watering a dead plant (love) won’t make it stand up again. Instead, we have to plant a new one!

Be careful with love!

Whatever the case is, no matter how much you may know about the heart and love, no matter how much you know or you’ve heard about someone, always be careful when making assumptions. Maybe you can make some assumptions for things that live in your own heart, but you can never ever assume what’s going on in someone else’s heart.

The heart is the only organ in our body where God looks into! That’s the function of the heart. It stores the most important things in our life. Starting from memories to feelings and opinions. It’s like a data center for our system.

On the other hand heart is an organ where people have no access into. Even if you open someone’s chest and then cut the heart into two halves, all you will notice is muscles and blood, nothing else. You cannot see the love plants in the heart!