Freedom! How much limited should it be for teenagers?

Freedom may be a necessity because the teen needs how to let stress go. If they are always in a stressed environment it will affect them. Letting them do things that they enjoy and not interfering with too much of their free time will give them opportunities to express themselves. One the greatest ways to let stress go away is by doing something you love and like to do but if teens are not given those moments they will start to be more stressed and tense. Sometimes having many restrictions may backfire and therefore the teen may rebel. It has been reported that some teen says that if their freedom has been restricted so much that they start to sneak out and do disobey their parents so they can keep up to date in their social life. One teen even says “When they ground you for so long, it’s social suicide, and of course you sneak out,” which is something you would never want to happen.

People need to gain experiences and many of them are made in our childhood. If you are shielded all your life and are not able to get out to do things, you will miss out on a lot of chances to learn who you are. Parents should let their children be able to do these things. Keeping them safe is one thing, but jailing them to the point where they can’t have experienced is too far. Some teens got to have these moments if they need to possess knowledge about the important world. Even if those experiences aren’t the best they need them to make them who they are. How someone reacts to those moments is what is going to push them forward to seek out themselves.

Giving freedom is vital but confirms there’s always a particular level where things stop. Knowing when things are going to far and when they need to stop is important for the teens. If this is often not implemented then the teenager may go too far and do things which will get them in serious trouble and will be dangerous. It always depends on the level of trust with the teen and what you think they can handle. However, you have to put a certain amount of faith into your child. You have to let them be able to do things that make them happy. Even if they do get into a little trouble once in a while, that isn’t too serious, it is ok. This helps them learn lessons for their future. Just remember when to pull them out and help them if they fall too deep.

Freedom is a right that should not be impeded. No matter who it is for, everyone deserves a certain amount of freedom. People that have no freedoms are not able to be themselves. They have no way to let the stress out of a long day. The best way to gain more knowledge of the world around you is not through a textbook, not through a screen, but by being there, and experiencing things. What if we put a little trust in our youth and that we have raised them to be the best versions of themselves.

Don’t try to be a “Cool Parent”

As a father, I can tell you there are few things greater than the look your child gives you when you do something “cool” or come to their aid.

As your children grow older they see you less like Superman and more as their warden, so those moments are few and far between. It’s easy to grow addicted to these opportunities and to pursue them. Some parents try to learn hip lingo and plug into cool, new music. Some parents give their children everything they want, including total freedom. Some parents sweep in to save their children time after time, disregarding rules and consequences.

There are some obvious issues with being a “cool” parent. A child with no rules or boundaries fails to learn to respect authority in school, jobs, and society in general. Children who get everything they want never learn patience or frugality. A child who has never failed or faced real consequences is robbed of the ability to handle strong emotions and the resilience that comes from failure.

There are even some indications that parents who harmlessly try to be “cool” and “hip” with their kids may be losing respect and teaching their children that it’s important to know and care what other people are doing – that fitting in is important. Being cool isn’t actually helping.

Be a friend but be strict with your reasonble rules.

Additional resources:Psychcentral

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