The human nature and The nature

From the oldest times and all the times except our time, people had strong connection with nature. And they lived with its rules and its cycles, some civilization followed the sun cycle and others the moon cycle, some followed the stars and some followed the rain seasons. They knew natures signs and lived with them in total peace. People before were more relaxed and calm because they could predict the future somehow by seeing natures signs and hearing its voice. And things in the nature move smooth and slow but especially slow.

Work smart, not hard

Everything from the traditions to the perception about everything changed because of the development in all the fields. But the development is supposed to be something good and it is actually. So, what is the problem? The problem is that we are getting more away from nature. And now we have lost the connection with nature and it cycles. Another problem is that by every development the life got easier for us and to be more specific it for our bodies. That means that we do not have to get tired for everything but we have to think more about “Work smart, not hard”. That is great but we have came at a point that everything that we do takes from us thinking and getting tired so our brain gets tired and our nerves get tired. And without noticing we are nervous for no reason at all, but actually there are hundreds of reasons that makes us nervous.

Social problems

Now days as well as development at every days life we have technology that makes it even harder for our brains. And everyone is having this nervous load on them and they just need to put it somewhere. And that is why we see people screaming or shouting at each other without a real reason.


Another bad side of the development is that everything is moving so fast. From travelling to the news everything is too fast for our brains. And we need to act and reply fast on everything. And this is another reason of us being nervous and stressed. And we can not predict what is going to happen because it is moving fast and we end up living a stressful life and being anxious. And even when we start thinking about the future we think fast and it looks like we do not have time for anything and like everything is going out of our hands.

The solution

Take it easy… Live like in the past. Back to the origin . Feel the nature and create a connection with it. Calm down… Because even though everything is going fast good things take time πŸ™‚ and we live for the good things. And take a deep breath, it always works. And don’t forget to smile πŸ™‚