Be the best, Inspire.

Motivation and Inspiration One clear definition that ought to even be made is the difference between motivation and inspiration. A motivational film is one that creates the viewer to check out something different. This usually manifests during a physical reaction — be it through sadness, happiness, anger, drive, or something other. I even have found […]

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Is it better growing up rich and what is RKS ?!

The rich kid syndrome This article is not necessarily about rich kids. In fact, many kids who fall prey to the “Rich Kid Syndrome” (RKS) are not rich; their parents may only have average to slightly above-average incomes. Children who suffer from RKS believe that they are entitled to get whatever money can buy from […]

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you dont suck special wikipedia

You don’t suck. Cheer up!

Life isn’t a gradual escalator. Sometimes recovering requires that you just first get loads worse. If you can’t admit to yourself that you just suck at something, chances are high that it’ll hold you back from future improvements. But I’m telling you that you don’t suck! Pride, ego, fear of rejection, call it what you may. The result’s an equivalent. a part of you likes your temporary holdout in life. It isn’t the […]

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