Erotica, better than porn in every direction!!!

It develops your imagination and fits you better. Reading erotic articles or books lets you imagine experiencing the moment for yourself. You imagine everything the way you want it without letting small details annoy you. And you can feel it more by adjusting it to your mood. It is way more interesting. Like any other […]

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GO and find your Twin Flame!!!

What Are Twin Flames ? There has been lots of buzz around twin flames since 2012 which is kinda just like the twin flame golden era. 2012 was the year of ascension and a turning point for twin flame love for several levels, the ascension in my opinion is another new age word for the shift that happened on Earth which […]

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choosing valentines present special wikipedia

Choosing the most suitable Valentine’s present!

Valentine’s Day is a very unique day for lovers. It is a special event for couples. There are several forms to celebrate the occasion. People used to find time for their companions. They consume a passionate time with one another, also buy special presents for each other. On this special day, people show their affection […]

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love is a plant theory special wikipedia

Love won’t grow without watering it!

“Love is a Plant” Theory – Part II In the first part of the theory we tried to illustrate love by coming up with the “Love is a Plant” theory. We explained the structure of love by putting it side by side with the structure of a plant. Now that we know that the plant […]

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what is love

What is love? The best illustration ever!

Love is cool, is great, is amazing, sometimes it’s even breathtaking. It’s the reason why we live! It’s what keeps us alive. But, how can we illustrate it so we can understand it better? Love is a feeling; No, it isn’t! Love is a thought; No, it isn’t! So, what is love? “Love is a […]

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